20 Things To Buy From the USA to the Philippines in 2024


20 Things To Buy From the USA to the Philippines in 2024

When traveling from the USA to the Philippines, there are several items that are worth purchasing due to better prices, higher quality, or unique availability in the States. In today’s globalized world, American products have become increasingly popular among Filipinos for their quality, innovation, and reliability. Whether it’s for technology, fashion, beauty, or household items, these top American products are essential for staying up-to-date and enjoying the best that the market has to offer. Here are 20 must-buy items in 2024:

Apple Tech Products

1. Electronics

The USA is a hub for the latest electronic gadgets, offering a wide array of options at competitive prices. You’ll find the newest models from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and Sony, often released in the US first. Additionally, American retailers frequently have sales events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you can snag great deals.

  • Example: Apple MacBook Air  – Known for its sleek design and powerful performance, the MacBook Air is often available at a lower price in the US, especially during sale seasons.

Michael Kors Bag

2. Designer Clothing and Accessories

The USA is home to many renowned designer brands like Michael Kors, Coach, and Calvin Klein. These brands are often priced lower in the US due to reduced import duties and the availability of outlet stores offering significant discounts.

  • Example: Michael Kors Bags – Michael Kors offers a variety of stylish handbags and accessories that are frequently discounted in US stores and outlets.

Nike Air Force 1

3. Sneakers

The US has a vibrant sneaker culture, with popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse often launching exclusive designs and collaborations. Prices are generally lower due to the high competition among retailers and frequent sales.

  • Example: Nike Air Force 1 – A timeless classic, the Nike Air Force 1 is a staple in many wardrobes and is often available at competitive prices in the US.

Sephora Products

4. Beauty Products

The variety and affordability of beauty products in the US are unmatched. Major retailers like Sephora and Ulta carry a wide range of brands, including exclusive lines not available elsewhere. Moreover, the competitive market results in frequent promotions and discounts.

  • Example: Sephora – Sephora offers an extensive collection of skincare, makeup, and beauty products from both well-known and emerging brands.

Gnc Multivitamins

5. Health Supplements

US stores offer a wide selection of health supplements from trusted brands like GNC, Nature Made, and NOW Foods. These products are often priced lower in the US, and the variety is much greater, making it easier to find specific supplements.

  • Example: GNC Multivitamins – GNC is known for its high-quality vitamins and supplements, providing a range of products to support various health needs.

Instant Pot Duo

6. Kitchen Appliances

The US is a great place to buy high-quality kitchen appliances from brands like KitchenAid, Vitamix, and Instant Pot. These products are often less expensive in the US due to the large market and frequent sales.

  • Example: Instant Pot Duo – The Instant Pot is a versatile and popular kitchen appliance that combines multiple cooking functions into one, often available at a lower price in the US.

Patagonia Jacket

7. Outdoor Gear

For outdoor enthusiasts, the US offers a plethora of options from brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Columbia. These brands are known for their durable and high-performance gear, which is often more affordable in the US.

  • Example: Patagonia Jackets – Patagonia is renowned for its high-quality outdoor clothing and gear, designed for both comfort and durability.

Lego Sets

8. Toys and Games

Popular toys and board games from brands like LEGO, Hasbro, and Mattel are often cheaper and more varied in the US. American retailers frequently have promotions, making it an ideal place to shop for toys.

  • Example: LEGO Sets – LEGO offers a wide range of building sets that are both educational and entertaining, often available at discounted prices in US stores.

Book Sets

9. Books

The US has a vast selection of books, often at lower prices and with frequent discounts on sites like Amazon. You’ll find both new releases and classic titles, often available sooner than in other countries.

  • Example: Amazon Books – Amazon offers a comprehensive collection of books across various genres, with regular discounts and promotions.

Trader Joe Foods

10. Specialty Foods

Unique American snacks, sauces, and gourmet foods are often hard to find abroad. Stores like Trader Joe’s offer a variety of specialty items that are popular for their unique flavors and high quality.

  • Example: Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s is known for its distinctive and affordable food products, making it a great place to find unique snacks and ingredients.

  • Fitness Gears

11. Fitness Gear

Brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Lululemon offer high-quality fitness apparel and gear. The US market has a wider variety of styles and sizes, often at lower prices due to sales and outlet stores.

  • Example: Under Armour – Under Armour provides a range of performance apparel and footwear designed to enhance athletic performance.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

12. Fashion Accessories

Sunglasses, watches, and jewelry from US brands can be more affordable and stylish. Brands like Ray-Ban, Fossil, and Pandora offer a variety of fashionable accessories at competitive prices.

  • Example: Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Ray-Ban is famous for its iconic sunglasses, offering a variety of styles that combine fashion and function.

  • Petco Product

13. Pet Supplies

Quality pet products, including food, toys, and accessories, are more varied and often cheaper in the US. Stores like Petco and PetSmart offer a wide range of products for all types of pets.

  • Example: Petco – Petco provides a comprehensive selection of pet supplies, from food to toys, catering to the needs of various pets.

  • Moleskin Notebooks

14. Stationery

US brands offer unique and high-quality stationery products that are often hard to find elsewhere. Stores like Paper Source and Staples have a wide range of notebooks, pens, and office supplies.

  • Example: Moleskine Notebooks – Moleskine is renowned for its premium notebooks, ideal for both personal andprofessional use.

West Elm Home Decor

15. Home Decor

Stores like Target, West Elm, and Pottery Barn offer stylish and affordable home decor. The variety and quality of home furnishings and accessories available in the US make it a great place to shop for home improvement items.

  • Example: West Elm – West Elm offers a range of modern and stylish home decor items, from furniture to accessories, often at competitive prices.

Wilson Sports Products

16. Sports Equipment

High-quality sports gear from brands like Wilson, Spalding, and Easton are more affordable in the US. These brands offer a range of equipment for various sports, often with better availability and pricing.

  • Example: Wilson Sporting Goods – Wilson is known for its high-quality sports equipment, including gear for tennis, baseball, and football.

Anker Portable Charger

17. Tech Accessories

Accessories like phone cases, headphones, and chargers from brands like Anker and OtterBox are often cheaper and more readily available in the US. The quality and variety of tech accessories in the US market are extensive.

  • Example: Anker Chargers – Anker is famous for its reliable and high-performance charging accessories, including power banks and cables.

Michaels Craft Products

18. Craft Supplies

US stores like Michaels and Joann offer a wide variety of crafting supplies at great prices. From fabric and yarn to art supplies and DIY kits, these stores provide everything needed for crafting projects.

  • Example: Michaels – Michaels is a go-to store for a vast selection of craft supplies, catering to all kinds of creative projects.

Goodwill Stores Products

19. Vintage and Thrift Store Finds

Unique vintage clothing and accessories can be found in thrift stores across the US. Stores like Goodwill and The Salvation Army offer a treasure trove of pre-loved items at affordable prices.

  • Example: Goodwill – Goodwill stores are known for their diverse selection of second-hand items, including clothing, accessories, and home goods.

Weathertech Products

20. Car Accessories

Brands like WeatherTech and Husky offer high-quality car mats, covers, and accessories. The variety and quality of car accessories in the US market make it a great place to find products that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle.

  • Example: WeatherTech – WeatherTech provides durable and custom-fit car accessories, including floor mats and cargo liners.

Traveling to the US can be a great opportunity to purchase these items at better prices and with more variety. Always compare prices and check for deals to maximize your savings. Happy shopping!

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