From Local to Global: Filipino Businesses

Filipino Brand Businesses

From Local to Global: Filipino Businesses

For decades, the Philippines has been known as a source of cheap labor, exporting its skilled workforce to various countries. However, in recent years, the narrative has shifted. The country’s growing economy, vibrant consumer market, and a population of over 100 million—largely composed of young individuals—have positioned it as an attractive destination for businesses. As Filipino conglomerates and companies gain confidence, they are not only expanding within the country but also venturing into regional and global markets. Let’s explore how some of these local heroes are making their mark on the international stage.

Sm Supermarket

1. SM Prime Holdings: Bridging Cultures Through Malls

  • Background: SM Prime Holdings, founded by tycoon Henry Sy, built a shopping mall empire in the Philippines. However, the company didn’t stop there. It recognized the potential in mainland China, a consumer base ten times larger than the Philippines.
  • Strategy: In contrast to competing in China’s major cities, SM Prime pursued a long-term strategy of targeting third-tier cities. This approach enabled them to establish a foothold and construct a network of malls across China.
Bo Coffee Exterior

2. Bo’s Coffee: Brewing Success Abroad

  • Background: Bo’s Coffee takes pride in being “Your Homegrown Brew.” It sources local Filipino coffee from farmers and has grown significantly within the Philippines.
  • Internationalization: In 2017, Bo’s Coffee opened its first overseas branch in Qatar. Its tagline reflects its commitment to showcasing Filipino coffee globally.
Oryspa Beauty Products

3. Oryspa: Rice Bran-Based Beauty and Wellness

  • Background: Oryspa capitalized on the Filipino staple—rice. It offers rice bran-based spa products that promote beauty and wellness.
  • Global Reach: Oryspa’s world-class products are now sold in Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Poland, with increasing demand.

4. Waffle Time: From National to Global Waffles

  • Background: Waffle Time, once known as “Ang Pambansang Waffle ng Pilipinas,” aspires to be the “Best Waffles in the World.”
  • Expansion: With 400 outlets nationwide and plans for more, Waffle Time aims to make its mark in Asia, starting with Indonesia.


These Filipino brands exemplify resilience, innovation, and adaptability. Their internationalization strategies—whether through franchising, strategic partnerships, or targeted expansion—have allowed them to shine on the global stage. As more local companies aspire to go global, these pioneers pave the way for a new era of Filipino business excellence. 🌏🇵🇭

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